Millionaire bet of the IDB in the pole of technological firms of Sunchales

In the last two years and almost at once, Sunchales, with 25,000 inhabitants in the middle of the pampa gringa, 300 kilometers from Rosario and 600 from Buenos Aires, has its streets full of activity with small businesses that were raising blinds. Everything, by the expansive wave of Cites, a technological pole that houses 50 scientists who are standing up to firms that are located on the technological frontier. Decidedly, Sunchales is shaken by this swift transformation that reveals that this triangle of private, public and academic capital is the perfect lever for innovation.

Cites did not go unnoticed for the IDB that through the MIF (Multilateral Investment Fund) has just made a millionaire contribution to enhance that experience. In a press release, they reported that they will promote an investment vehicle that promotes the creation of science-technology-based ventures in Argentina.

Cites was born as an initiative of Nicol?s Tognalli, a graduate of Balseiro, who convinced Sancor Seguros to invest in the project. This being the case, Cites is part of the Sancor Group and is one of the three scientific accelerators selected by the Secretariat of Entrepreneurs and SMEs. This incubator of companies based on science is the largest holder of patents of Conicet. Through the MIF, the IDB invests in 32 firms that are incubating in Cites. Of these, seven are already mature. And they are a revelation of the knowledge factory installed in Sunchales.

One is Eolo Pharma, developed by the Uruguayan scientist P?a Garat and the Pasteur Institute of Montevideo: she discovered how metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes or obesity can be attacked. Garat and his team work at Sunchales. RadBio develops markers to detect and quantify rheumatoid arthritis and came to Sunchales from the hands of Conicet and the Chascom?s technological institute. Another novelty is Flintech that carries out the global drug check in live models with technology from the Leloir Institute and the Conicet. They are also in Sunchales. They invoice US $ 500,000.

Viewmind is another example with its algorithms that detect neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease years in advance. She comes from the University of Bah?a Blanca and Conicet and is led by Mat?as Shulz, 26, graduated from Itpba.

Cites, in which Sancor Seguros has invested US $ 30 million, has state-of-the-art facilities not only in Sunchales. It expanded to Bariloche and Buenos Aires. In turn, Sancor has just inaugurated a green neighborhood in Sunchales while Cites opens a new building that combines a university center and a large 3,500-meter venue.

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