Travel designed for “senior” public

Tokyo and Kyoto are cities that have to be walked. But the only one that came back tired was me. ” The comment would not call attention in the mouth of any participant of a city tour, but who speaks is Ludmila Marcote, a thirty-year-old who organizes trips for seniors and who, in that metier, takes care such as allocate four hours to walks to which the “normal” tourist companies assign them two. “I do not want them to get tired or that when they return they are confused about where they were,” says the entrepreneur. “But the truth is that they have more energy than us.”

His company Travels in Company attracts mainly to a public of between 60 and 70 years of age, although the respective ends reach 55 and 85 years. And while it does not disdain the destinations typically associated with retired tours, such as the Termas de R?o Hondo, this venture is the confirmation that retiring from productive activity is not synonymous with losing vitality, but with earning time that was previously blocked for work obligations. “And they love doing activities that we have associated with young people. Only that they lack proposals “, adds Marcote, who lately also organizes after-office meetings for the same group of people.

In 2009 and together with a partner, Marcote created In Company, to offer this age group activities such as workshops dictated by specialized professionals – cinema, music, improvisation, history, politics, etc. – to do a kind of “mental gymnastics” that stimulate their cognitive and physical abilities, and also entertain. By then they were doing group outings, such as excursions to museums and theaters or weekend getaways. He came to have offices, which he maintains today, in Recoleta, Belgrano, Caballito, Vicente L?pez and Avellaneda.

Already in 2013, as more and more the travel part grew, it had to be constituted as a tourism agency and was renamed Travel in Company, although it continues to do the workshop activities with which it had begun. By then, Marcote’s partner had retired from the company to devote herself to motherhood. “It was worse than a sentimental break,” laughs Marcote today. “And I also did not come from the world of tourism, I did not organize even my own vacations.” But I knew that the strength of the project would end up being the tourist part, although always with the focus on socialization, because what comes with retirement is usually the lack of relationships.

So it was. “A client, at least, makes me two trips a year, for example, one to Spain and another to Asunci?n del Paraguay,” says Marcote. “And they ask for proposals for the New Year or Christmas, but they also make arrangements between them. It’s nice to see people who met on a trip of mine three months ago, combine to spend the holidays together. “

The destinations abroad that are made every year are Spain, Italy and the United States. The places that are always repeated, Salta, Tandil and Rio Hondo. “All the itineraries are specially assembled by us. The combi for the transfers is exclusive for our contingent, so we can stop as many times as necessary, “Marcote explains. “It is also important that the hotel is central. And the food is key: if it’s good, 80% of the success of the trip is guaranteed. In the healing of the excursions we take care to be focused on one area: the trip to Italy is not to all of Italy, but to a region “.

As for prices, eight nights and accommodation in New York or Miami cost the client US $ 3,000. Five nights at the Termas – a very friendly destination for people with reduced mobility – $ 22,000, with easy payment (Passages, transfers and locations are included, not meals).

Travel in Company income in 2017 was $ 2.7 million. The investment had been $ 20,000, to which an additional $ 30,000 was added at the end of 2013, when the tourism agency was established.

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