October record: 16% increase in the number of passengers who flew in the country

Almost 1.34 million people flew in October by plane within our country, 16% more against the 1.15 million a year earlier and a record figure for the month, the Ministry of Transport reported.

The cumulative of the first ten months of the year, with 11.67 million passengers, shows an interannual increase of cabotage flights of 13%.

The growth was mainly in the Interior, where C?rdoba, Mendoza, Iguaz?, Salta, Trelew, Corrientes, Bah?a Blanca and Catamarca surpassed their own brands.

Accumulated against the first ten months of 2017 showed a total of 11.67 million passengers compared to 10.31 million last year.

On the other hand, historical monthly highs were recorded at several airports: C?rdoba (225,900 passengers), Mendoza (138,800 passengers), Iguaz? (117,400 passengers), Salta (107,800 passengers), Trelew (46,000 passengers), Corrientes (15,400) and Catamarca ( 6,800 passengers).

Even the Mendoza airport reached on October 19 its maximum number of passengers that passed through it in one day, with 7,600 passengers. The same thing happened on the same day in Bah?a Blanca, with 1,800 passengers, and in Trelew on the 13th, with a total of 2,100 people who embarked and disembarked from their airport.

Analyzing the main variations by airport against October 2017, in passengers of cabotage there was an increase of 111% for Corrientes, 76% more for Mar del Plata (34,000 passengers); 58% more for Santiago del Estero (13,400 passengers); 53% more for Posadas (29,500 passengers) and 45% increase for Jujuy (33,300 passengers).

In October, Norwegian Argentina began flying in the country (the 16th), connecting Aeroparque with the cities of C?rdoba and Mendoza, and until the end of the month more than 9,000 people have already flown with that airline.

As of today, a new company was added, LASA, with presence in Patagonia, connecting Neuqu?n with Bariloche, San Martin de los Andes, Bah?a Blanca, Santa Rosa and Mar del Plata.

In the international plane, in October the demand for tickets fell by 8% compared to the same month of 2017 but in the accumulated of the year, however, more than 12.57 million passengers have traveled to and from abroad, figure 4 % higher than that registered in the same period of 2017.

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