The ruling party won the armchair in the Rural Society: Pelegrina continues

September 28, 2018 - By Arturo Altman

For an entity born in 1866 as the Rural Society, 28 years are nothing. That was the time that elapsed since the last election between two rival lists. Yesterday after a vote that began on August 22 and by letter and culminated in an assembly in the traditional headquarters of Florida Street 460, won the official list Unit and action led by the current president of the entity, Daniel Pelegrina. That yes 1,300 partners voted, an unknown participation in the entity. And the proportion was 60% for the Pelegrina list and 40% for the opposition led by Alberto Ruete Güemes.

Decidedly, the Rural opted for continuity. Pelegrina counted on the support of the seven former presidents of la Rural, which, despite having only 2,500 members, marks the agenda in the field. A weight that is explained by the impact that the holdings of its associates have on the agricultural GDP.

Daniel Pelegrina will be seconded by Carlos Vila Moret, important sheep producer.

This year the novelty was the appearance of another list led by Alberto Ruete Güemes, 63, breeder and leader of the Association of Creole horses. The formula was completed with Marcos Pereda, from the Bermejo group leader in meat and forestry, and he emphasized the claim to modernity, to expand the number of partners and to be more federal.

Ruete Güemes has a history devoted to rural gremialism since his presidency in the Rural de Cañuelas and CREA groups, which bring together the restless producers and leaders in the incorporation of technology. And it counted with the support of decisive figures in the agricultural business like David Lacroze who promoted the table of cattle and meat, whose meetings presides in person Mauricio Macri. Also, Martín Goldstein, very close to the Minister Luis Miguel Etchevehere.

The Federal Commitment list had other major producers such as Enrique Duhau, Manuel Santos Uribelarrea, Ignacio Lartirigoyen, Daniel Fenoglio, entrepreneurs such as the owner of Sidus, Marcelo Argüelles, and lawyers with field such as Alejandro Fargosi.

Pelegrina, with birth certificate in Mendoza, 55 years old, agronomist, married and with six children. Its slogan that took it to the triumph was: “The change in the Rural one already began”.

Pelegrina began his institutional life in the state in 1986 when he participated in the Rural Youth Ateneo. Then, at age 28, he joined the commission and was occupying various positions until he was commanded at the present time to replace Luis Miguel Etchevehere when he was appointed minister.

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