Mercado Pago disembarks in the 900 shops of the Villa 31

September 27, 2018 - By Arturo Altman

As a result of its expansion with a 60% growth so far this year in Argentina, Mercado Libre inaugurated its third corporate building in the City yesterday. It is of last generation, of 6,000 square meters and first world decoration in the Technological Park of Patricios Park. Its founder, main shareholder and CEO, Marcos Galperin toured the brand new offices with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and left the head of the Buenos Aires government the big news: Mercado Pago, the platform with which you can pay for purchases and deposit money through a simple QR code of the cell phone, disembarks in the 900 shops of Villa 31.

It is an electronic wallet inspired by the highly successful systems in China and India and which in Argentina are already using 20,000 stores. With this platform Mercado Libre became a bank for those who buy and sell on the site: it finances sales up to 12 installments without interest with its own funds. And it applies discounts that range from fuel to beer. The platform already has agreements with BIND bank and operates with all credit and debit cards. “We are democratizing finances,” Galperin boasted.

Mercado Pago, which has already become the first online payment platform in the entire continent, moved US $ 16,000 million in transactions.

As for the new headquarters, in which 500 operators already work for the design of Mercado Libre systems, it was learned that it will shortly house another 100 more. Daniel Rabinovich, in charge of the operation, said that they are looking for students or graduates of the “hard sciences with passion” careers.

In the year, the electronic commerce platform incorporated 750 people who are part of 7,300 employees of which 3,000 work in Argentina.

The firm that was developed in a garage by four friends in 1999 accounted for 7 million sellers in 2017. About 500,000 businesses and families live on the platform.

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