Guillermo Dietrich: “The strike was driven by a part of Argentina that resists change”

September 26, 2018 - By Arturo Altman

“The strike was driven by a part of Argentina that resists change. If there was public transport service, most of the population would be working today. Flybondi is working and its operators and passengers managed to work and travel, “said Transportation Minister Guillermo Dietrich as part of the G20 Insurance Forum 2018 that takes place in Bariloche. The Chief of Cabinet was announced but, according to sources of the organization, suspended at the last minute his presence for reasons that did not transpire.

The meeting brings together more than 300 executives from the world’s leading companies that manage a business of about 30 billion dollars a year. A part of these resources are invested in infrastructure projects in emerging economies. The government of Mauricio Macri, according to the officials of the area, aspires to be an important recipient of this type of capital in the next five years.

“We are fighting hard against corruption. Argentina needed a profound change and today we are a transparent country, “said Dietrich during the presentation of the conference at the Llao Llao Hotel in Bariloche, in a clear effort to establish distance from the Kirchner decade.

The decision to carry out these days in Patagonia is not accidental. Bariloche has already hosted the G20 Energy meeting during which there were no incidents. The beauty of the landscape and the social tranquility are two elements that weighed in the decision to congregate the executives in the south.

“Welcome to one of the most beautiful places in Argentina and the world. We hope that if they return they can also get to know other points of the country “, started in a short speech previously recorded by President Macri. “Argentina wants today to deliver the best conditions for capital investors,” he stressed in a purely diplomatic intervention.

The officials confirmed to Clarín in private their intention to give the best possible impression to a select group of executives capable of directing billions of dollars towards markets of interest. The president stressed that his government implemented clear rules of the game with the purpose of tempting the big international capitals.

In this same line both Dietrich, as the Superintendent of Insurance, Juan Pazos and the Secretary Public Private Participation (PPP), José Luis Morea, indicated in a meeting with the media that Argentina is “returning to re-enter the world “

On a day of national unemployment, Minister Dietrich deepened the differences between the current government and Kirchnerism. “Argentina had to make profound changes to reinsert itself into the world. Now we have a free press and we are recovering the railways. We are fighting corruption and lowering costs in ports. We are a transparent country, “he stressed.

Minutes later the official insisted before Clarín that Argentina is going through a period of historical transformation. “The last time we had a load record on trains was 80 years ago. Do you know what was the last cargo record in the world? Yesterday, today, it is every day. We are making changes that 50 years ago were not made in the country, “he said.

Regarding the measure of force that also affected Bariloche, where there was no transport service, flights were suspended and commercial and public activity was affected, Dietrich made a critical analysis. “The strike was driven by a part of Argentina that does not want to change. A minimum part of Argentina that resists change. If there was a public transport service, most of the population would be working. Flybondi is working and its operators and passengers managed to work and travel, “he said. “Change produces anguish, worries but it is the right way,” he said.

Another prominent participant of the meeting is Chairman Adrián Werthein, shareholder of Experta. Werthein lashed out at Kirchnerism in his presentation of the conference and expanded it to this newspaper. “We can not hide what happened, we have to put an end to the taboos of what happened in Argentina. We talk about corruption (in front of international executives) because there was corruption. More than critical, I was descriptive, “he said. “Officials in past governments when they went to an international insurance meeting left the place and went shopping,” he said. “Before anyone could work in public administration, today at least you have to have background,” he concluded.

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