The multiple businesses of the “Beyoncé Empire”

September 25, 2018 - By Arturo Altman

A few months ago Beyoncé and her husband, another superstar, rapper Jaz-Z, landed for the filming of his video clip in an unimagined location: the Louvre in Paris. Neither the Eiffel Tower nor Versailles; They chose as stage one of the most prestigious museums in the world. It is estimated that they paid about $ 25,000 a day for rent for a week, just a tip for them. More and more museums in the world accept this type of contribution to offset other losses.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z not only constitute the most well-known artistic society (and also the couple in everyday life), but also the most profitable one. The fortune of the marriage exceeds 1,400 million dollars and the Texan interpreter, alone, headed the Forbes list of singers in the last season with income of 105 million just for its musical activity: the release of the album “Lemonade” and the tour ” Formation World Tour “. Adele, second in the same list, accumulated 69 million dollars in the season and then placed the youngest Taylor Swift (leader of the previous ranking), Celine Dion and the still current Jennifer Lopez, the three over 40 million.

Beyond the amazing numbers, the eccentricities of marriage or its artistic virtues, Beyoncé’s projection symbolizes the role of women in the contemporary music industry. A recent study by US radio station NPR Music, cited by El País, states that “the role of women is essential to understand the sound of our times”. After analyzing the musical successes from the beginning of the century until today, he concludes that “women are more influential and determining than men in musical creation, by challenging all artistic categories and pushing sound in new directions”. Beyoncé in a sense – her influence in the pop movement, her global popularity or even her conversion into a fashion icon – represents a continuity with what Madonna meant, even though Madonna, at just 60 years of age, maintains her stature. diva.

Born in Houston in 1981, Beyoncé was revealed with just seven years in a talent contest playing that anthem entitled “Imagine” by Lennon. Also from that age his parents were key to the management of his career. Matthew Knowles, his father, left a position as a Xerox salesman to become manager of Destiny’s Child, the group that projected Beyoncé to fame. And her mother Tina, of French descent, was the costume designer. After the dissolution of the popular Destiny’s, a brief period followed him away from the central lights; Beyoncé sang as a supporting act for Christina Aguilera and other performers who dominated in early 2000. But her breakthrough as a soloist was shocking and her first success in 2003, with “Crazy in Love”, allowed her to lead the rankings of record sales in the United States. and Britain simultaneously.

Releases of albums, videos or tours followed each other with similar successes, interrupted only by their family occupations. Married a decade ago with Jay-Z, they are the parents of Blue-Ivy (6 years old) and, since a year ago, the twins Sir and Rumi. In 2012, People proclaimed her “the most beautiful woman in the world”, Time placed her among “the hundred most influential personalities” of the moment and within the industry accumulates all kinds of records, with 63 nominations to the Grammy awards or the almost million copies in a single day that sold by iTunes at the launch of his fifth album, called … “Beyoncé”.

The fortune of marriage comes, mainly, from those musical activities. But with the singer turned into a fashion icon, the main brands fight every day to dress her in any gala or any media appearance. She is seen, like that, with her Zimmermann, Gucci, Cavalli, Pucci or Balmain, and even her daughter wore a $ 4,200 Mishka Mori dress in one of her recent appearances. Jealous to the limit in the care of her image and detail, she rarely grants an interview. Its appearance in the cover of the last edition of Vogue was so meticulous that it ended up originating a documentary. It is a special edition of a thousand pages of the magazine directed by another archifamosa, Anna Wintour. They distributed 600 advertisers there and the circulation exceeded one million copies. Beyoncé not only participated in the edition and in the graphic edition, but even chose the photographer, Tyler Mitchell, of 23 years, who thus became the first black race to produce the cover of the magazine.

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